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Established since 1983

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We supply all products related to textile industries, paints & hardware and heavy manufacturing industries.

Atik Traders is a reputed name for COATED Abrasive supplies. Each product is available in discrete sizes and variations suited for diffrent usage. We can even arrange non-standard products for you upon requests. Please leave an inquiry and our sales team will revert within 2 working days.

Our Policy:

  • All goods sold with proper invoice
  • Maximum credit limit - 45 days
  • Additional 2% cash discount available
  • Damaged or used goods are not valid for return
  • Delivery charges will be added extra depending upon the location

These rolls are of 50 meters and are available in 1.5", 2" and 4" sizes and in Grits 36, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 180. Brands are: Gun, Bosch, Concord, Sand Master, Jawan, Orient, Alfacut, etc.

These rolls are of 100 meters and are available in all kinds of shapes in 2". Our unique collection of rubber belts are known for great performance under extreme conditions.

We have wide variety of abrasive paper/cloth sheets which are suitable for textile, paints and machinery industries. Brands are: Cannon, Sun, Jawan, Bosch, CUMI, Wolcut, etc.

Cloth belts come under mainly two sizes: 4" and 6". Those belts are available from grit 36 to grit 400.

Nylon velcrow rolls are available in 50 meter lenghts. They are tested and provide superior quality.

Polishing wheels, polishing pads, cut wheels are available in all kinds of sizes & level of hardness.

Fibre Discs are designed for use in aggressive, high pressure grinding applications. Offering an exceptionally fast cut and extreme durability. Available brands are: CUMI, Dura Cut, Bosch, Norton, etc.

We also have a separate division of industrial adhesives, sprays, masking tapes & polishing liquids for different applications featuring products from Pidilite, WD-40, Termiguard, Waxpol, etc. We also have electric cable jointing kits & compounds ranging from size SLA-1 to SLA-13

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About Us

About the firm and the owner.

About Atik Traders

Established in 1983, Atik Traders is a family owned partnership firm managed by Mr. Mustafa S. Basrai.

We are engaged in trading of all kinds of coated abrasives and industrial maintanence products mainly used by textile weaving units and textile process houses. Our customers also include hardware & paint shops as well as engineering & tools outlets.

Mustafa Basrai



Here are some of the common queries answered. Feel free to contact us if you have any other doubts. We will be happy to assist you.

Do you deliver products out of your city?

Yes. We have customers not only from our home town Surat, but from many other cities in India. Please contact us for more information on your requirement and your location, we will surely work something out.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges will differ according to the location. It will be dependent on the quantity, transport company and the necessity of the goods. We can assure you that the optimum delivery plan will be chosen with regards to pricing and safety of goods.

What is the expected interval of delivery period?

The expected delivery period could vary between 5-15 day depending on the location. However local deliveries take place within 7 days. If there are any changes due to any unfavourable circumstances, we will notify you beforhand.

What kind of customers do you cater?

We are into wholesale trading and are authorised dealers of various companies/brands. We also supply materials and products directly in several industries.


Feel free to contact us for any sort of inquiry or information regarding the products.


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